GRAEME REVELL (Music Composer) has, over the past eight years, become one of the most eclectic and sought-after composers in the film composing field.

Always seeking rhythm in the strangest sounds, Revelle’s experiments with insects and industrial machinery led him to create SPK, a forerunner of today’s industrial bands. It was this eccentric and percussive sound that convinced directors George Miller and Philip Noyce to ask him to score Dead Calm. Revell’s striking music blended opera with African rhythms, human breathing and a solo cello, creating some of the eeriest yet melodic music ever to grace a suspense film and earning Revell an Australian Oscar for his eccentric approach.

After moving to Los Angeles, Revell’s experimental touch gave exotic heat to the thrillers Body of Evidence and Strange Days. He also played the dark menace behind The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, then teamed with Japan’s Kodo Drummers for John Woo’s Hard Target. Revell has travelled the globe, and reached into both acoustic and computerized depths for his surreal melodies. No Escape and Until the End of the World employed symphony orchestras and voices from pygmy and Papua-New Guinea tribesman, while The Craft and Spawn created a bizarre world of synthesizers and samplers. He mixed ethnic and industrial rock for The Crow, writing the haunting theme "It Can’t Rain All the Time" with Jane Siberry.

Revell’s recent credits include The Saint, The Negotiator and Wayne Wang’s Chinese Box, the latter of which garnered him the best music award at the Venice Film Festival.