DAVID WU (Editor) counts Bride of Chucky as his fifth film with director Ronny Yu. They have previously worked together on Warriors of Virtue, The Bride With White Hair, The Bride With White Hair II, and The Phantom Lover.

Wu has collaborated numerous times with director John Woo, serving as editor and music editor on the films A Better Tomorrow, A Better Tomorrow II, The Killer, A Bullet in the Head, Once A Thief, Hardboiled, and Someone Up There Likes Me. He most recently worked with Woo on the television pilot and series Once A Thief, based on Woo’s film of the same name.

His many other film credits include Crying Freeman, Butterfly Murderer, The Club, Health Warning, The Coolie Killer, The Working Class, The Peking Opera Blues, A Chinese Ghost Story, Gunmen, A Better Tomorrow III, The Swordsman, Spygames, Sunshine Friends, Once A Blacksheep and We Don’t Need Another Hero.

In addition to editing Bride of Chucky, Wu also served as second unit director.