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The creepy cemetary.With over half of Bride of Chucky filmed on the sound stage, the film’s production designer Alicia Keywan had her hands full creating the complicated sets which were needed to accommodate the production’s needs. These included Tiffany’s elaborate Airstream trailer, the interior shells of Jesse’s van and the stolen winnebago, the wildly over-the-top "Honeymoon Sweets" motel room where Jesse and Jade spend their first night as newlyweds, and suitably creepy graveyard which houses the final remains of Charles Lee Ray.

For Keywan, the biggest challenge in designing the sets for the film was the need to make them "puppet friendly." In order to provide access for the puppets to maneuver and a space for the puppeteers to work, all the sets had to be constructed on five foot risers. "It was a technical nightmare trying to figure out where to put the trap doors so the puppets could complete complicated actions such as getting a body into a chest in a van," explains Keywan. "Vehicles are notoriously hard to design interiors for because they’re so small and constricted. In a large space you have a lot of flexibility in that you can move things around to accommodate the blocking, but when you go in to a tiny space that has to be fully functional you have to make sure that everything is scaled just right so that there’s enough room for all the things that need to happen in terms of actor and puppet blocking."

One of the most elaborate sets Keywan and her crew constructed was Tiffany’s Airstream trailer. In addition to the intricate interior -- the walls were ‘papered’ with individual Filming Chucky in the cemetary.dried flowers -- the entire trailer had to be specially fitted with a complex piping system for the rain effect, special drainage and plumbing for the scenes where Chucky kills Tiffany in the bathtub, and special electrical wiring to accommodate the lightening effect. "It was more a work of science than a set," laughs Keywan.

In addition to scenes filmed on the sound stage, a variety of widespread exterior locations were utilized including the famed Clifton Hill strip in Niagara Falls, the exterior of a slightly faded art deco motel complex on Toronto’s waterfront, an old army camp in Oshawa, and numerous rural areas where traveling shots were filmed.

Bride of Chucky was filmed over a twelve week period in and around Toronto, Canada.