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Katherine and Nick with the filmmakers.Katherine Heigl and Nick Stabile play the roles of Jade and Jesse, the young newlyweds who unwittingly become the homicidal duo’s accomplices. "We saw dozens of young, talented and attractive actors before we found Nick and Katherine, but it was apparent from the moment they read together that they were our young heroes," recalls executive producer Corey Sienega. "We had seen them both individually and were very impressed, but when we tested them together we saw that there was a real chemistry -- a magic, if you will -- between them that made them believable as a desperate young couple in love."

For the role of Warren Kincaid, Jade’s interfering guardian and the town’s Chief of Police, David Kirschner turned to his old friend John Ritter. "When I called John about this project he said ‘Let me read the script and get back to you.’ And when he went home and told his kids that he was thinking of this, he said that, as far as they were concerned, it became the most important role that he has ever played. They just thought it was the greatest thing that he was going to be in a movie with Chucky."

Ritter says that while he enjoyed working with the temperamental red-head, he was surprised to find that on occasion his co-star could be a bit of a prima donna. "Chucky saves all his best stuff for his close-ups which I find a touch selfish," Ritter jokes. "A lot of times he’s not there for my off camera -- he’s probably off in his trailer making phone calls or something and I have to talk to a little cross. But he is the star and you know, you have to make certain allowances."

John Ritter gets into makeup.Rounding out the cast are Alexis Arquette as Tiffany’s Goth enthusiast suitor, Damien, and Gordon Michael Woolvett as David, Jesse and Jade’s loyal friend.

The trigger-happy pint-sized stars of the movie, Chucky and Tiffany, are played by two very complex electro-mechanical state-of-the-art dolls. Several months before production actually began on the film, Kevin Yagher and his team began building, fabricating, testing and rehearsing the creatures in Yagher’s shop in Los Angeles. In order to bring the dolls to the eerily human state in which they appear on the big screen, numerous bodies and heads faces, each with distinct functions and abilities had to be built. For Chucky alone, nine different puppets were constructed including a ‘hero’ cable puppet capable of extensive movement including walking and crawling, two rod puppets, and six ‘stunt’ puppets, some of which were positionable and some which were just floppy.

Chucky’s new playmate, Tiffany, exists in the same number of incarnations as Chucky, however the blonde bombshell presented the puppet builders with an additional challenge in that the technology that makes Chucky the cinematic marvel that he is had to be compressed substantially to fit into Tiffany’s sleek and sexy frame. At only two and a 1/2 feet tall, the dolls have to be able to do everything a human does, which, in Tiffany’s case, meant fitting a lot of servos into a very small area. The end result, explains Yagher, is a doll that’s "even more sophisticated than Chucky because she’s a tighter little package -- she has a smaller torso, head, arms -- we scaled everything way down without sacrificing any of the movement."