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Jennifer Tilly and Ronny YuIn addition to providing the filmmakers with the opportunity to offer a rather skewed commentary on family values and relationships, Tiffany also allows them to reveal a dimension to Chucky’s character previously unseen in the earlier Child’s Plays. Explains Kirschner, "Tiffany represents Chucky’s Achilles’ heel in that his feelings for her cause him to be vulnerable and, when you think about it, that’s really a pretty hilarious state in which to see this little Napoleonic tiny terror."

Everyone agrees that the casting of Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany was an inspired stroke of genius. An Oscar® nominee for her role in Bullets Over Broadway, the talented actress possessed all the attributes the filmmakers were looking for to take the character of Tiffany from the page to the screen.

"From the very beginning, we’d always thought of Jennifer Tilly for Tiffany," states Mancini. "And this is the first time in my career as a writer that the person I dreamed of for the role is the person we got. She’s just so perfect for it -- she’s sexy, she’s really funny, she’s such a wonderful actress. And that voice! For what is, after the first half hour, a largely vocal performance, you need someone with a very distinctive voice."

Tiffany, all dolled up.Tilly, who confesses that she’s not usually a fan of the horror genre, says she was drawn to the project because of the film’s black humor. "Usually I don’t go to see horror movies and my general rule is not to do anything I wouldn’t see," she explains. "But I thought this script was a departure from your usual horror film in that it was funny and witty and had a lot of black humor. Besides, it’s not everyday you’re asked to be the bride of the world’s most notorious doll."

Another drawing card for Tilly was with the opportunity to work with director Ronny Yu. "I’m a big fan of the Hong Kong genre," says Tilly. "I think that the Chinese directors have this way of looking at films that’s totally original and fresh -- a really unique way of mixing humor and violence and tragedy and drama."

Playing the role of the white-trash trailer park femme fatale who turns into a homicidal little doll proved to be an entertaining experience for the actress. "You know, it was just so much fun to do Tiffany -- she’s one hot sexy babe!" enthuses Tilly. "Everything about her is an exaggeration -- from her over-the-top fetish-wear wardrobe to her Martha Stewart proclivities. I think people will have a lot of fun getting to know her."

Tilly taped Tiffany’s voice-over dialogue during a three-day recording session held in tandem with Brad Dourif just prior to the start of principal photography. "I was a little nervous at first because I’d never done cartoons or voice-over work before and it’s a very specific technique," admits Tilly. "But Brad -- who’s been the voice of Chucky forever -- was really sweet and made it very easy. After a few hours we were joking around and ad-libbing and improvising and having a really great time. At the end of the first day Brad turned to the producers and said ‘Why didn’t I get a girlfriend earlier?"