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Ronny YuChosen by the filmmakers to direct Bride of Chucky was internationally acclaimed Hong Kong director Ronny Yu. Recalls Kirschner, "When we announced the project, every agency in town started sending their reels of young directors, there was a lot of excitement. But Don and I had just seen his film The Bride with White Hair and when the lights came up in the theater we just sat there in awe, amazed that someone could create something so arresting, so visually stunning. From that moment on he was our only choice for director."

Although it was the combination of humor and romance in the script that first appealed to Yu, it was the fact that the producers were prepared to let Yu bring his trademark visual style to the film that closed the deal. "The producers were very up front about the fact that they weren’t interested in making a sequel, but that what they were looking for was a director to help reinvent Chucky," says Yu. "They were willing to let me incorporate my own interpretation of the script in the film, to let me tell the story with color and movement and that was very interesting to me."

Producer Grace Gilroy asserts, "Ronny Yu and his longtime collaborators -- director of photography Peter Pau and editor/second unit director David Wu -- have helped to elevate Chucky to a new level. It’s just amazing what these guys can do with images and sound. The unconventional way they move the camera, their lighting -- they really bring the series to a new plateau in terms of cinematic richness."

Tiffany takes out the cookies.The inspiration to create a girlfriend for Chucky developed out of a simple visit to the local video store where David Kirschner chanced to see a copy of the classic Bride of Frankenstein sitting on the shelf. Recalls the filmmaker, "My immediate reaction was wow, wouldn’t it be great if we were able to create a bride for Chucky. By introducing another doll we’d get to see a whole other side to Chucky and of course," he laughs, "this is Chucky’s tenth anniversary so it’s probably time to get married."

Mancini loved the idea of creating a girlfriend for Chucky. "After all," he smiles, "two dolls running around the country together and killing people a la "Natural Born Killer Dolls" or "Barbie and Clyde" is really pretty funny."

"Tiffany," offers the writer, "is this really terrific character in that she’s such an amalgamation of society. On one hand she lives for Martha Stewart and the idea of being a good homemaker. She only wants to bring this guy back to life and has been obsessively hunting down this doll’s body, because this is her man. This is the man she loves, and she wants to make Swedish meatballs for him and have a beautiful little trailer, and life should be perfect. On the other hand, she’s also a psychotic killer, which makes for a pretty wild and weird combination."