Chucky and Tiffany's Honeymoon Press Tour

Everyone's favorite killer doll, Chucky, and his pint-sized homicidal bride, Tiffany, hit the road for a press tour to promote their upcoming film Bride of Chucky. The demonic duo may be crossing the country to promote their new film, but they are sure to leave some bloodshed in their wake.

Chucky and Tiffany at a Braves game During a break from their hectic publicity tour, Chucky and Tiffany stopped by Atlanta's Turner Field to root for the Braves during Game Two of the National League playoffs. Only the presence of the demonic duo can clear a stadium full of avid Braves fans.

Chucky and Tiffany at CNN's Talk Back Live

The devilish duo stopped by CNN's "Talk Back Live" to promote Bride of Chucky. However, when the pair found out that the show is in need of a new permanent anchor they stepped in to audition for the gig.

Chucky and Tiffany at Atlanta's The Varsity. Chucky and Tiffany took a break from their crazy press interview schedule at The Varsity, Atlanta's oldest fast food joint. Hopefully, a full stomach won't give these two any homicidal thoughts.

Chucky at the 57th. St. subway station.
Everyone's favorite killer doll Chucky made his way out of New York City's 57th St. subway station at rush-hour. What had he done with all of the other commuters?

Chucky relaxing outside of Scores.

While Tiffany completed a phone interview in her hotel room, Chucky snuck out and headed over to New York's Scores to catch a glimpse of some "real women." He may be a doll but he is anatomically correct.

Chucky and Tiffany at St. Paul's

Tiffany and Chucky contemplated renewing their vows at New York's St. Paul's Cathedral. The only problem was finding two live witnesses to stand up for them.

Chucky and Tiffany go gambling.
High-roller Chucky and his pint-sized homicidal harlot Tiffany took a break from their grueling Vegas press schedule to do a little gambling at the Stardust Casino.